Minna Ots

Currently, Minna is a student on the MSc Biodiversity, Conservation and Management degree at the University of Oxford. Previously, she worked for the British Trust for Ornithology managing a national citizen science project and processing spatial data. Minna graduated from the University of Southampton (UoS) with a BSc in Zoology with a Year in Employment. During her degree she held a public engagement position at the UoS as the University's Nature and Biodiversity Hub coordinator, completed a year in employment with the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust in Scotland, and volunteered with researchers investigating various aspects of the Tasmanian Devil facial tumour disease (DFTD) at the University of Tasmania during a study abroad semester. Coming from Estonia, she is interested in the biodiversity conservation capacity and management processes of Eastern European and Central Asian Post-Soviet countries, whilst exploring their representation in the global conservation movement. She has developed a keen interest in geoinformation science and its applications, especially for investigating the relationship of agriculture and conservation.

Introduction Whilst the BRI is led by Chinese industry, the private sector is cautious in its implementation of environmental protection, especially regarding biodiversity conservation.1 Chinese BRI financiers lack international best-practice safeguards, whilst the whole project may impact more than 369 000 km2 of vulnerable habitat in a 25 km buffer…