Team and researchers

The Green Finance & Development Center team consists of global experts in their respective fields of green finance, innovation finance, green technologies, infrastructure finance and biodiversity finance.

Christoph Nedopil, Director Green Finance & Development Center
Christoph Nedopil, Acting Director

Christoph NEDOPIL

Christoph Nedopil is the founding director of the Green Finance & Development Center and Visiting Professor at FISF Fudan University. He is also the Director of the Griffith Asia Institute and a Professor at Griffith University.

Before joining FISF, Christoph was the Founding Director of the IIGF Green BRI Center in Beijing at the Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing, and he had worked with the World Bank for over 10 years.

Christoph is interested in green and sustainable finance, development economics, and green innovation finance. His research has been published in the Journal of Sustainable Finance and Economics, Sustainability, Environmental Policy and Governance. He regularly contributes to policies and provides advisory services for international governments and financial organizations, amongst others for the BRI Green Development Coalition (BRIGC), for the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED) and the Asian Development Bank. His work is featured regulary in Financial Times, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Caixin etc.

Christoph holds a Master of Engineering and a PhD in Economics from the Technical University Berlin, as well as a Master of Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School. He is currently also a Visiting Faculty at Singapore Management University (SMU).

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Professor Huasheng Gao
Professor Huasheng Gao

Huasheng GAO

Professor Huasheng Gao, Professor of Finance, Deputy Dean of Faculty and Research at the Fanhai International School of Finance (FISF) in Fudan University in Shanghai, China. 

Before joining FISF, he was an associate professor of finance (with tenure) at Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University.

Professor Gao is interested in corporate finance, corporate governance, innovation, and executive compensation. His research is widely featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, the New York Times, etc.

Professor Gao received his bachelor’s degree of Computer Science from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and obtained his Master and PhD degree of Finance from the Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia.

Professor Charles Chang
Professor Charles Chang

Charles CHANG

Charles Chang is the Deputy Dean of Academics, Professor of Finance, Director of the Fintech Research Center, Fanhai International School of Finance, Member of the finance faculty at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Professor Chang’s research spans the fields of Fin-tech, investments, corporate finance, and behavioral finance with a focus on emerging markets. He has ever won the National Merit Scholar in United States of America.

Professor Chang established the Fintech Research Center (FRC) in 2018. He led the team co-hosted the Forum “The future of Fintech” with Sustainable Development Group of the United Nations on The World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland in January 2019. In January 2020, Professor Chang led the FRC team to attend the World Economic Forum 2020 and jointly held a forum, affiliated to the “Davos China Day”, with UN Digital Financing Task Force and China Digital Finance Advisory Group. Forum discussion focused on the future world of green digital finance, financial innovations to achieve UN SDGs, digital assets securitization, etc.

Professor Chang was a decorated scholar at the University of Pennsylvania where he earned Bachelor degrees in electrical engineering and finance at the Wharton School, in 1998. Then, in 2003, he received a PhD in Finance from the Haas Business School at the University of California, Berkeley.

Song Ziying, researcher at Green Finance & Development Center, FISF Fudan University
Song Ziying

Ziying SONG

Ziying SONG is a researcher at the Green Finance & Development Center. She previously served as a Senior Analyst at CDP and a consultant at China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group (CECEP) Consulting in Beijing, China. She has worked on cross-sectional projects in energy transition, climate change, and sustainable finance area.

Ziying graduated from Johns Hopkins University (JHU) with a master’s degree in Energy Economics and Management. She also had intern experience with GlobalFoundries, APEC, and South China Institute of Environmental Science of MEE. She is keen to have a deeper dive on research topics at GFDC and deems to develop a long-term career in this field.

Mathias Lund Larsen


Mathias Lund Larsen is a non-resident research fellow at the Green Finance & Development Center, FISF Fudan University. He is also a dual PhD Fellow at Copenhagen Business School and the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research). His research is focused on the political economy of green finance in China from theory to practice, intention to impact, and domestic to overseas.
He has spent more than a decade working on the intersection between China, sustainability, and finance, and speaks fluent Chinese. He has previously held positions in the UN in New York, Nairobi, Bangkok, and Beijing and holds two double Masters degrees in and around political economy from Copenhagen Business School, Rotterdam School of Management, Sciences Po Paris, and Peking University.

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Mengdi Yue
Mengdi Yue

Mengdi YUE

Mengdi YUE is a non-resident fellow at the Green Finance & Development Center. She previously was a researcher at the Green BRI Center at the International Institute of Green Finance (IIGF) in Beijing, China.

Mengdi holds a Master in International Relations from JHU School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and has worked with the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China and the China-ASEAN Environmental Cooperation of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. She is fascinated by green energy finance in China and the Belt and Road Initiative and data analysis.

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Sarah Yingzhi Tang
Sarah Yingzhi Tang

Sarah Yingzhi TANG

Yingzhi Sarah TANG is a non-resident fellow at the Green Finance & Development Center. She previously served as Deputy Director for the Green BRI Center at International Institute of Green Finance in Beijing.
She has been leading projects in close collaboration with both Chinese and international partners to better understand the latest development of Chinese overseas investment along the BRI, including policies, strategies and innovative green finance instruments.
Before joining the teams in China, Sarah worked on insurance and banking sectors’ climate risk assessment projects at UNEP Finance Initiative (Switzerland) and the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation (Canada).
She holds a research-based Master’s degree in Environmental Studies (Sustainability Management) from University of Waterloo, Canada, and double Bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Studies and Business Administration from both Canada and China.

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Professor Huasheng Gao
Professor Lin Sun


Professor Sun’s research focuses on Empirical Asset Pricing, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds. He received the research grants from 2018 Shanghai Pujiang Program and 2018 National Natural Science Fund Program.

He received his Ph.D. in Business (Finance) from Singapore Management University in 2017 and B.S. in Quantitative Finance from National University of Singapore in 2011.

Yuwei Liang
Yuwei Liang


Yuwei LIANG is Administrative Assistant of the Research Center of Fanhai International School of Finance, Fudan University. She received her master’s degree of Accounting from Tongji University, and obtained double bachelor’s degrees of Management from ESSEC and Tongji University.