Biodiversity Finance Lab

The loss of biodiversity and nature is putting global economies, livelihoods and the financial system at risk, while investing in biodiversity protection can provide important opportunities including and beyond financial returns. The Biodiversity Finance Lab at the Green Finance & Development Center provides research, analyses and advisory services for financial institutions, corporations, civil society and governments with the goal to support the Aichi Targets, the post-2020 biodiversity framework and the goal to harmonize the financial system with the ambition to make our economies nature-positive by 2030.

Global biodiversity loss
The global Living Planet Index: 1970 to 2016 (Source: WWF)

In the past 40 to 50 years, over 60% of global wildlife has disappeared due to human activity, impacting ecosystem health, our food systems, our water systems, our well-being and the earth’s climate.

At the same time, investing in nature-positive activities can provide relevant financial opportunities for financial institutions, including in nature-based solutions and nature-climate solutions.

At this time, however, most financial institutions have not incorporated biodiversity risks and opportunities in their decision-making.

The Biodiversity Finance Lab therefore aims to close the gap. It provides state-of-the art research and advisory for financial institutions, regulators and civil society how to respond to biodiversity loss and invest in nature-positive activities.

Recent activities and publications on biodiversity finance

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