Clare Blackwell

Clare Blackwell is a Master of Science candidate at Oxford University, studying Nature, Society, and Environmental Governance. Originally from the US, her background is in anthropology and her previous work has focused on urban forestry and environmental education. Prior to Oxford, Clare worked with numerous environmental non-profits in Boston and New York City to improve their community engagement, education practices and citizen science initiatives. As a member of the New York City Roundtable for Museum Educators, she led several conference workshops for educators and parents on addressing climate change and climate justice in education. Since coming to Oxford, her work has been focused on environmental policy, social equity, and urban climate resilience both globally and in New York City. She joined the Silk Road Society in February 2021 and has thoroughly enjoyed leading the Central Asia Team.

Central Asia is in need of development, energy, and infrastructure, and the BRI can offer these. However, as a region facing transboundary disputes, food and water security problems, and corruption, regulations and incentives must be put in place to ensure the BRI also accounts for the long-term health of people…