The European Union-funded project EC-Link just published three new reports on green Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) development:

IIGF Director Christoph NEDOPIL WANG was the author of the BRI report on sustainable transportation. The paper looks in detail at

  • What does green urban transport mean in the Belt and Road Initiative
  • What policies are in place in China and in the EU that support green urban transport  – and who is driving them? The paper provides an overview of Chinese ministries, such as Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development (MoHURD), Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)
  • What are key urban transport technologies in freight and passenger transport that drive low-carbon transport scenarios? The paper analyzes important developments in autonomous driving, electrification of mobility through new energy vehicles, connected mobility  and shared mobility (CASE framework). It highlights how China and Europe have been driving this development, while China has been emerging as a clear leader for electrification of its mobility – with over 425.000 electric buses, or 99% of the global electric bus fleet in operation.
  • What are scenarios for future urban transport development
  • How should the EU and China cooperate to drive sustainable urban transport development?

EC Link publishes Belt and Road Initiative BRI Sustainable Transport by Dr. Nedopil Wang

You can find a short summary of the sustainable urban transport paper here.

The full report can be found for download on the EU site and here.

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